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Gemeinsam für globale Gesundheit

In der aktuellen Coronakrise fordert nicht nur die WHO, sondern auch das Robert Koch-Institut zu weltweiter Zusammenarbeit auf. Denn öffentlicher Gesundheitsschutz ist Verpflichtung und Chance zugleich für globales Gestalten.




Corona ist seit Monaten da – nun sind es auch die Bücher zur Pandemie und zu ihren globalen Folgen für Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft.

“Europe’s Response Was a Total Disaster”

The economic historian and commentator ADAM TOOZE talks with IP SPECIAL about what went wrong in China, the EU, and the United States during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and who (so far) has won the fight against the virus.

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How We Learned 
To End Pandemics

The world in 2036: There was an outbreak of a new, deadly type of virus. But after a few months it was contained globally. This was only possible because the lessons of 2020 had been heeded.

A Delicate

An effective government policy countering the COVID-19 pandemic relies on scientific advice. Still, there is a fine line to be tread to make the relationship between politics and science work well. Transparency is one key factor.

A Shock to the Global System

The sharp economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has created “a crisis like no other.” Advanced economies now need to over- come national reflexes and help developing countries.

A New Approach
 to Global Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need to revisit the holistic global health concept. This process should be inspired by a new conceptualization of global health, methodically combining strands that so far have been looked at in isolation.