Areas of Expertise

  • French foreign and security policy
  • Franco-German relations
  • Franco-German cross-border cooperation

Franco-German relations


German, French, English

Jacob Ross has been a research fellow in DGAP’s France/Franco-German Relations Program since January 2022. He had initially joined the program as a research assistant in June 2021. Previously, he worked as a research assistant at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels. He had already gained experience within the Franco-German context while working at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and during his work as a parliamentary assistant to Sabine Thillaye, Chair of the European Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly.

Ross also received the majority of his academic training in France: first, within a Franco-German double-degree program at the Institute of Political Science (IEP) in Lille and, later, at the IEP in Paris and at the Ecole nationale d'administration (Ena) in Strasbourg. He also studied at the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Bologna while earning a master’s degree in international relations and economics.



Warnung vor dem Déjà-vu

Deutschland und Frankreich brauchen 2022 einen echten Neuanfang. Sollten sich die Enttäuschungen von 2017 wiederholen, wäre das eine schlechte Nachricht – für beide Länder und für Europa.

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Jacob Ross