Areas of Expertise

  • US security and defense policy
  • Transatlantic security cooperation, NATO
  • Transatlantic relations


German, English, French

Sophia Becker is a research fellow for US security and defense policy with DGAP’s Security and Defense Program. Before joining DGAP, she worked as a staffer for the head of the committee on foreign affairs of the German parliament. Most recently, she worked as a consultant for the Women in War Program at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative;  for Negotiation, Design & Strategy LLC; and for the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard University.

As a McCloy Fellow, Becker spent two years at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she obtained a Master in Public Policy focusing on international and global affairs. She also holds a BA and MA in political science and international relations from Sciences Po Paris.


Reform oder Irrelevanz

Die strategische Verteidigungssouveränität der EU bleibt ein Fernziel. Die Mitgliedstaaten aber klammern sich verzweifelt an ein nationales Gestern. So kann das nichts werden.