Internationale Politik Quarterly

Op-Ed: Together for Europe’s Recovery

Implementing the EU’s ambitious recovery plan swiftly is the most important task now, argues Jörg Kukies, state secretary at Germany’s finance ministry, ahead of an informal Ecofin meeting in Berlin this weekend.

Berlin Cable: Missing Dimensions

With trouble brewing in Belarus, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, many eyes are turning to German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. But he is not the power-broking type.

Can Germany Lead Europe Strategically?

The EU has always become stronger when it faced a severe crisis and learned lessons from it. Germany should provide the necessary leadership in the COVID-19 crisis to make the EU more robust—and strategic.

Forging a Transatlantic Green Deal

The United States and Europe should form an operational alliance to fight global warming. Working in tandem on the issue could revive the transatlantic partnership—and help hit global climate targets.

Red Herring & Black Swan: Beware of Gray Rhinos

Despite warning signals about a pending crisis, European decision-makers repeatedly fail to invest in preparedness. Forward-looking thinking and whole-of-government approaches are required now in order to prevent cascading effects from the COVID-19 crisis.

The Road to Nowhere

The Johnson government has been conducting the negotiations about the UK’s future relationship with the EU in cavalier fashion; the prime minister is banking on “English exceptionalism.” A “no-deal” Brexit or a series of last-minute mini-agreements are the most likely outcome now.

Five Points to Make the EU Stronger

Leading Europe out of its current COVID-19 induced crisis will be a monumental task for the German EU Council presidency. Economic stabilization must go hand-in-hand with transformation.

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